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  • Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Army says no body armor for you, soldier

    From American Progress:

    The Army has banned privately purchased body armor in Iraq, a decision that veterans groups "immediately denounced." GI's who have "waited months to be outfitted counter that substandard armor is better than none at all."


    At 4/01/2006 02:59:00 pm, Blogger Carrie Oakey said...

    I think that soldiers need to listen to their commanders, we should all follow our leaders or we will never be free!

    At 4/01/2006 04:54:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    Thank you, Carrie, for perhaps the all time stupidest non-sequitur we've seen on these pages. I'm sure that some of your contenders (Dumb Hillbilly , Allan@Aberdeen, Sobieski, et al) will be pissed at you for out-doing them, but you've done it.

    Just to bring it down to the Blue's Clues level that you'd understand, you just said that we all need to be dictatorial subjects in order to be free. Brilliant. Expect the Nobel society to contact you at any time.

    At 4/08/2006 11:51:00 am, Blogger Jez said...

    I don't think Carrie knows the meaning of non-sequitur, DJEB. Unless, of course she's just a very good actress attempting to unveil the stupidity of patriotic and racist America. If so, she's doing one heck of a job!

    At 7/17/2006 10:33:00 pm, Blogger TV Wife said...



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