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  • Monday, March 20, 2006

    We need to make our voices heard

    Jenni Russell, writing at the Guardian's Comment is Free blog has this worthwhile piece, on the erosion of civil liberties in Britain. While I wouldn't necessarily agree that the "Abolition of Parliament" bill, or the id cards bill hasn't been attracting much attention, Jenni does make some very good points:

    When the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill dropped on civil servants' desks in January they could not believe the provisions it contained. One said to me that in his 30 years' experience, it was the most shocking piece of legislation he had ever seen laid before the House. The Bill allows Ministers to alter any laws, except tax laws, simply by making an order. As the bill stands, there is nothing in it to prevent ministers taking the most draconian powers. They could, for example, use the legislation to end jury trial, sack judges, make political protest illegal, or place citizens under house arrest. The only thing they may not do is to create a new offence punishable by more than two years in prison.

    Write to your MP. Make your voice heard.

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