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  • Saturday, March 04, 2006

    "We are not concerned about international law"

    For those who actually believed that the US is concerned at all about international law, some interesting insights into the goings on at the kangaroo court of the Guantanamo gulag, from Yahoo:

    Feroz Ali Abbasi, the British detainee who submitted written complaints that military police had sex in front of him while he was trying to pray, tried repeatedly in his "enemy combatant" hearing to explain why he should be considered a prisoner of war and thus entitled to better treatment. But an Air Force colonel, whose identity remains blacked out, would have none of it. "Mr. Abbasi your conduct is unacceptable and this is your absolute final warning. I do not care about international law. I do not want to hear the words international law again. We are not concerned about international law," the colonel insisted before having Abbasi removed from the hearing so that the military could consider classified evidence against him. Abbasi was freed in January 2005.

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