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  • Friday, March 17, 2006

    US worried by Chinese military build up

    According to this report, from The Age, the US is worried about China's growing military strength. Rice has, somewhat ironically, called for China to "come clean" on the reasons for its increased military:

    And on Thursday she made it clear the US had serious concerns about China's military build-up, highlighted by a 14 per cent increase in its defence budget.

    "We've told the Chinese they need to be transparent about what their military build-up means," Dr Rice told reporters following her meeting with Mr Downer.

    "I heard that there is going to be a 14 per cent increase in the Chinese defence budget. That's a lot. China should undertake to be transparent about what that means."

    If China played by the rules and was open and transparent, Dr Rice said it had the potential to be a force for good.

    "The growth of the Chinese economy, if it's done in a rules-based way in which China is fully obeying the rules of the global economy, is a very positive development for international growth and for the United States," Dr Rice said.

    China has been worried that the security talks would be aimed at dampening its power, an impression Australia has tried to dispel.

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