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  • Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    US: Republican representative claims Bin Laden was hiding in Iran

    According to this report, from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Curt Weldon, a US Republican representative has made a rather loopy claim that a "high level source" told him that Bin Laden was hiding out in Iran, and died in that country. Weldon has, of course been debunked thoroughly in the past:

    That was the case last year when he said a source told him that the Iranian government had set in motion a plot to crash hijacked planes into the Seabrook reactor in New Hampshire. The CIA quickly debunked the story, saying Weldon's source was unreliable.

    It was also the case in the mid-1990s when Weldon, working off information he obtained from a former Russian general, said the United States was potentially under threat from suitcase-size nuclear weapons that had been pilfered from the Soviet military. No proof has ever been found of the claim.

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