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  • Sunday, March 12, 2006

    US repeating Vietnam mistakes

    From CBS4 Boston:

    Kissinger was greeted outside by about 25 protesters who chanted ``Kissinger should go to jail, no bail.'' He refused to directly respond to a question, submitted by the audience and read by a moderator, that asked if he wanted to apologize for policies that led to so many deaths in Vietnam.

    ``This is not the occasion,'' Kissinger said. ``We have to start from the assumption that serious people were making serious decisions. So that's the sort of question that's highly inappropriate.''

    In another audience question, Kissinger was asked whether he agreed that the U.S. bombing of Cambodia led to the rise of the Khmer Rouge, and, if so, was he responsible for the 2 million people the Khmer Rouge killed?

    ``The premise that the bombing of a 5-mile strip led to the rise of Khmer Rouge and the murder of two million people is an example of masochism that is really inexcusable,'' he said.

    Kissinger said that the Vietnam War ``has fundamentally affected my life in the sense that the Nixon debate doesn't ever seem to end and for many I am the surviving symbol of the Nixon administration.''

    Kissinger should have been in the cell next to Slobadan Milosevic.

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