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  • Sunday, March 05, 2006

    US - India deal: Violating US and International law

    When I first heard about this nuclear deal between the US and India, I thought that it was in breach of the non proliferation treaty. The Asia Times confirms my suspicions on this point, and adds the deal would also require the repealing, or revision of several US laws:

    In addition to breaking US law and shattering long-standing barriers to proliferation, lawmakers are concerned about the example the nuclear-weapons deal sets for other nations. The lesson Iran is likely to draw is simple: if you hold out long enough, the Americans will cave. All this talk about violating treaties, they will reason, is just smoke. When the Americans think you are important enough, they will break the rules to accommodate you.

    Pakistani officials have already said they expect their country to receive a similar deal, and Israel is surely waiting in the wings. Other nations may decide that they can break the rules, too, to grant special deals to their friends. China is already rumored to be seeking a deal to provide open nuclear assistance to Pakistan - a practice it stopped in the early 1990s after a successful diplomatic campaign by the United States to bring China into conformity with the NPT restrictions. Will Russia decide that it can make an exception for Iran?

    As I have stated previously, before the US runs around the world, pointing fingers at others, it should sort out its own criminals.

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