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  • Friday, March 10, 2006

    US entirely to blame for journalists' deaths

    From Want to Know:

    The US military says a cameraman killed there while on assignment for Reuters died in a gun battle between marines and insurgents.

    But the Iraqi man's colleagues and family have said they believe he was shot by a US sniper.

    Another Reuters cameraman, a Ukrainian citizen, was killed in April 2003 when a US Army tank fired on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.

    A cameraman from Spain's Telecinco television network was also killed in the strike, which injured three other reporters.

    In October 2003, a Palestinian cameraman for Reuters was killed near Abu Ghraib prison during a shootout.

    The US military has denied direct responsibility for those deaths as well.

    When does the US military actually take responsibility, or apologise for anything? I certainly don't recall a full grovelling apology being issued to any of its victims.

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