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  • Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    US Air Force crusaders - Reposted from the archives

    In light of Blair's recent comments on religious extremism, you may have noticed a few posts reposted from our archives, this is to highlight the point that there are plenty of extremists who aren't offically regarded as terrorists, but who kill people believing that their cause is divinely inspired, these people have far more weapons at their disposal quite obviously than any group of terrorists, one would have thought. From April 2005:

    According to this report, from Yale Daily News, a report has found that there is a distinctly evangelical tone at a US Air Force training centre: Leslie said the team of consultants saw three significant problems at basic training: gender bias, "evangelical themes" in training and a chaplain's fire-and-brimstone rhetoric at a worship service. The pluralistic environment of the Academy was disrupted by a chaplain who told worshipers at a Protestant service that non-Christians would "burn in the fires of hell" if they were not converted, Leslie said. "The chaplain, who was preaching to about 600 of these cadets, commissioned the cadets to go back to their bunks and proselytize to non-Christian members," she said.

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