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  • Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Urgent help needed in Kenya

    While billions are spent on death and destruction by our leaders, people are starving in places like Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Our leaders need to get their priorities right. This report from today's Observer:

    The programme has enough cereals to last until next month, but will run out of the less important vegetable oil and pulses earlier. 'We will urgently need more help in the next 10 days because it takes time to buy, ship and distribute food,' Morris said. 'If we get a break in the food pipeline, then malnutrition will go up very seriously.'

    It is a crisis going on under the noses of tourists still travelling to wildlife parks. Along the rutted road from the elephant sanctuary at Shimba Hills National Park, hundreds of gaunt villagers gathered on a sun-baked football field. Sacks of maize had been brought in by truck and, as helpers poured out small bags of corn and handed them to those waiting in long queues, women scrabbled to salvage a few extra grains for their families.

    Anyone thinking of visiting drought affected areas should be told about the situation. They should be offered an opportunity to contribute something to help those desperately in need. In fact, those tourists shoud be made to see what is happening in the country, when they've seen the crisis first hand, they may be more willing to offer help.

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