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  • Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Unlike Blair's lot, Profumo knew how to say sorry

    That's the opinion of the author of this piece, from the Times:

    Their tactic is to play the tragic victim of an evil media. So Tessa Jowell sings a feminist song: ask tough questions and the sisters will call you a sexist pig. If only Tony Blair would dust down upright Attlee’s line to the whinger Harold Laski — “a period of silence on your part would be welcome”.

    But the prime minister can’t say that, because he crafted the chat show pity-me plea: look at me, I’m a tortured soul, see “the scars on my back” etc. Me, me, me! Labour is deep in scandal: John Prescott’s flats and unpaid council tax, John Reid and his son’s job, Cherie’s “charity” work. But any slip is just swept away, partly as Labourites are, y’know, “pretty straight kind of guys”, and partly because a personal lapse is forgiven while helping “this great movement of ours”.

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