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  • Thursday, March 16, 2006

    Tories helped Blair on education bill vote

    Today's Independent reports on yesterday's vote on the education bill in the Commons. 52 Labour Party MPs rebelled against Blair & Co, and Tory votes were needed to force through the education bill:

    Critics were quick to rename Mr Blair ''Ramsay MacBlair'', after the Labour Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, seen as a traitor in Labour ranks after forming a national government with the Tories in 1931. Left-wingers claimed the Prime Minister had ''walked out on the party and effectively resigned as leader''.

    The huge Labour rebellion over a flagship Bill fuelled speculation on how long Mr Blair can remain as Prime Minister and whether he will secure support for other planned legislation on pensions, incapacity benefit and nuclear power. Critics said last night's vote would ''put the brakes" on his "unremittingly New Labour agenda''.

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