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  • Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Sick right wingers attack released hostages

    To anyone who doesn't realise that the rabid right wingers really do have a screw loose, you really need to read some of the comments on this thread, over at the so called "Free Republic" site, some examples:

    To: Dallas59

    Except for the dead/tortured one. The comments praising his captors have to be left to his Quaker comrades in the States.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh. These fools end up getting US troops killed.

    I think we need to start calling these hostages "Sgrenas" after the horrid Italian communist whose carelessness and agenda got an Italian agent killed.

    Of course, the Italians ended up charging the US soldier who defended the checkpoint for murder.

    So - 3 Sgrenas released.

    5 posted on 03/23/2006 1:58:55 AM PST by Patriot from Philly


    To: Patriot from Philly

    But of course the hostages didn't hesitate to be rescued by the big, bad, mean

    military, did they? Hypocrites.

    43 posted on 03/23/2006 4:51:00 AM PST by Proudcongal


    To: Dallas59

    I ain't shedding any tears...Christian Peace Team can go to hell.

    These people are like the leeches here in the U.S. They get everything handed to them on a platter and all they do is complain they aren't getting enough.

    When was the last time we heard of a welfare recipient saying thanks to those that provide it? NEVER.

    You can read more of their hate filled posts at the above link

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