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  • Friday, March 24, 2006

    Reposted: This is no democracy

    From May last year:

    The Sunday Herald reflects on the fact that while Blair's New Labour lot received only 35% of the votes (most likely they received less than that when you factor in vote rigging) in this election, they managed to win about 60% of the seats in the commons

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    At 3/25/2006 04:51:00 am, Blogger cbrownb said...

    Of course that's the way it went. It's your crazy electoral system. Not that ours in Canada is any better. The Tories won 36 % of the popular vote in Canada but still hold about 60% of the seats. The bad deal is every other party holds left leaning ideals, meaning 64% of the country isn't even close to getting what they want from their "Democratically elected government" We need an electoral reform....as do you. New Zealand did it in 1993....Why can't we?

    At 3/25/2006 10:04:00 am, Blogger Truth Seeker said...

    Thanks for your comment cbrownb, of course, I agree, we do need wide ranging reform. In Britain we've just had the Power inquiry which looked at these issues, and proposed that citizens should be able to push for inquiries, and legislation, as well as the obvious reform of the electoral system. These would be some positive steps forward.


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