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  • Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    RAF officer tells court martial hearing Iraq war illegal

    Good for Flight Lieutenant Dr Malcolm Kendall-Smith. He didn't want any role in an illegal act of aggression against the Iraqi people, where, as a doctor, he may have been asked to take part in extremely dodgy so called "interrogation" techniques:

    Mr Sapsford said that Ft Lt Dr Kendall-Smith faced a legal rather than a moral dilemma when he was asked to return to Iraq.

    He said that although Ft Lt Dr Kendall-Smith would, as a doctor, take a non-combatant role, he feared he could be asked to oversee legally ambiguous situations such as interrogations of prisoners.

    He said: "The flight lieutenant has been to Iraq, he knows in his own mind what it is like being there. As a doctor, he is entitled to say 'I will be sharing responsibility by even demonstrating complicity'."

    The lawyer said that the defence team was prepared to produce expert evidence to show that UN Resolution 1546, relied upon by the UK and US governments to justify the invasion, was no defence in international law.

    Mr Sapsford also said he was considering calling former SAS soldier Ben Griffin, who recently resigned because of his objections to the war, to give evidence.

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