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  • Friday, March 24, 2006

    Philippines judge quits Americans rape trial

    ABC News has this report, regarding the ongoing case of the 4 American sailors accused of rape:

    The four sailors, being held in the custody of the U.S. embassy in Manila, deny the charges filed in December, saying only one of them had sex with the 22-year-old woman and that it was consensual.

    A person convicted of rape in the Philippines can be sentenced to death.

    Judge Renato Dilag of the regional trial court in Olongapo City, northwest of Manila, said he decided to withdraw from the trial after the lawyer for the alleged victim filed a petition asking him to step aside.

    "This was triggered by my denial of the motion to defer arraignment," he told reporters.

    "Right now it's getting hot," he said, hinting at political and diplomatic pressure over the case. "I used to joke … that the only pressure I was getting was from the media. Apart from that, I did not feel any pressure coming from anybody."

    Now, I wonder who'd want to protect the accused rapists?

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