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  • Thursday, March 23, 2006

    One mothers campaign against the BNP

    Today's Guardian reports on a mother's fight against the BNP in Keighley. Why the hell is she standing for Labour though? Blair & Co's party have done everything in their power to help those right wing extremists in their propaganda by their rhetoric, and fear mongering:

    Her daughter was 13 when she was targeted by a group of local men, some white, some Asian, who were grooming girls as young as 11 for sex. Ms Sinfield lost control of her daughter, who was taken into care. Now her daughter is back home having successfully put herself through college. When the the BNP got wind of what was going on, it exploited the story to help gain a political foothold in the town. "The thing about grooming was that it was about the exploitation of young women, it was about these girls being exploited for whatever reason, but it was never about race," said Ms Sinfield, who joined the Labour party last year and is standing as its candidate. "But the BNP used it for their own ends without ever doing anything concrete about it and for me that is unforgivable."

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