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  • Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    A new online database of sex offenders

    According to this article, from today's Independent, people in Britain will soon have access to an online database of people convicted or cautioned for sex offences, now, although i'm all for measures to toughen up the system to stop paedophiles working with children, this online databse idea slightly alarms me, i'll tell you why.

    A few years ago, the News of the World launched a campaign to "name and shame" sex offenders, 100 people were identified. However, there was a problem, there were several instances where innocent people were wrongly identified, and attacked, a paediatrician was among those attacked, because thugs couldn't tell the difference between a paediatrician, and a paedophile.

    Ministers must seriously think about this online register idea, and whether it will lead to the kind of lawlessness we saw in Britain some years ago following the campaign by the said newspaper, obviously some of the measures are a good idea, but I don't want innocent people to become targets of thugs who cannot tell the difference between a paedophile and a paediatrician.

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