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  • Saturday, March 18, 2006

    New Labour sleaze - Prescott and Brown were in the dark on secret loans

    Things just seems to get worse every day for Blair, oh dear. From the Guardian:

    The depth of secrecy around Labour's pre-election loan-raising activities emerged last night when party officials confirmed that the deputy prime minister, John Prescott, had not been informed, along with the party treasurer, Jack Dromey, of the raising of nearly £14m in loans. Mr Prescott would have been expected to have known due to his closeness to the prime minister and his membership of the party's business committee. The chancellor, Gordon Brown, was not told either, but due to his Treasury duties he has always kept himself apart from party fundraising.

    Nevertheless, considering the amounts we are discussing here, it seems rather strange that Brown wouldn't have been aware of these loans.

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