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  • Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    MEPs to take statements from soldiers on illegal act of aggression

    The Green Party's website informs us that MEPs will be taking evidence from soldiers and anti war activists on the rights of soldiers to refuse to take part in illegal acts of aggression:

    Though Mr Griffin has been discharged without punishment, pre-trial hearing are due to stat this week into RAF doctor Flight Lieutenant Mlcolm Kendall-Smith for refusing to return to Iraq on the grounds that the war is illegal.

    Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas, co-founder and Co-President of the Intergroup, will argue that we can't blame soldiers for 'simply following unlawful orders' if we don't respect their right to refuse them.

    She said: "The invasion of Iraq directly contravened the UN Charter, which prohibits military action in the absence of a clear Security Council conflict resolution or peacekeeping mandate.

    "Yet individual servicemen and women - thousands of whom have lost their lives in the deadly quagmire of Iraq - have not been permitted to refuse to participate.

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