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  • Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Menzies Campbell's speech

    I just managed to catch some of Menzies Campbell's speech to the Lib Dem conference. A couple of points I noted.

    - Part postal privatisation - Spoke of need to go out and sell to the public the idea that this would save Post Offices. I'm not sure this will go down too well with traditional Labour supporters, however, considering the New Labour record on post office closures, and the Tories plans for Post offices, there doesn't appear much difference in this policy area.

    - Labour and Tories attacks - Campbell spoke about the Lib Dems now coming under attack from both Labour and the Tories as both parties increasingly saw the Lib Dems challenging.

    - Fairer tax system - Said that those on lower incomes should not have to pay as much in taxes, also, that the whole tax system needed to be restructured, and that the party mustn't focus on just those top earners; he also spoke about the need for incentives for companies to be more environmentally friendly.

    - Decentralising power - Spoke of the need for more power to local government, and more public accountability of public services.

    Those are the main points I picked up, although I didn't hear the full speech.

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