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  • Monday, March 13, 2006

    London bombings - Waiting for ambulances for 2 hours

    Rachel from North London, a survivor (and a brave one at that in my opinion) comments that the system failed the survivors of the London bombings last July:

    And yet, they say ''we had planned for this''. After the simulataneous attacks on the Madrid subway at rush hour, after the Met instigating a shoot-to-kill policy in secrecy four years ago, to deal with suicide bombers in urban areas, after the Joint Intelligence Committee warning that Iraq would increase the threat of terrorism before they invaded Iraq- they still relied, for a start, on contacting ambulance emergency services personnel via their mobile phones? For crying out loud. Anyone who has ever been to a music festival or a big sporting event can tell you what happens when everyone uses their phones at once; the network crashes. Two days after July 7th, they issued pagers to key personnel. Tells you it all, really, dosn't it?
    It certainly does. Clearly, the system did let those survivors down, appallingly.

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