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  • Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    Liverpool's artists urged to boycott Condoleeza Rice visit

    The Daily Post reports that several in the arts world are considering boycotting Condolleza Rice's visit to Liverpool, including several members of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra:

    Yesterday, it emerged a letter had been sent to Liverpool poet Roger McGough, who is billed to perform at the event alongside the RLPO, urging him to think again.


    On Monday, the Daily Post revealed Cllr Bradley is to confront Ms Rice about the war in Iraq, saying he could not welcome her to the city with open arms, given her role in the conflict.

    Living in the north west, I know that there are strong anti war sentiments in this region, including Liverpool. Hopefully the whole of the Philharmonic Orchestra will refuse to perform for the lying warmonger.

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    At 4/11/2008 11:20:00 pm, Blogger Andante said...

    Thanks to Condi Rice, her pinp-George Bush for the violence in MiddleEast and who knows where else. Rice is a charming snake, dishonest, vile, ambitions and phony. Nothing comes out of her mouth, her acts, her expression, her loyalty to whoever matters, is not for her own benefits.


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