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  • Saturday, March 11, 2006

    "Is this what Blair meant by joined up government?"

    This article, from Libcom, on id cards makes for a worthwhile read:

    This was, at one time, considered a key difference between democracies and totalitarian states. However, being unable to get the necessary documentation to leave the country without also submitting to having an identity card is fundamentally at odds with this. As is the idea that you need to inform the state when you move address.

    The government is downplaying the amount of information the new ID cards will hold, but obviously they must hold more information than a passport contains otherwise there would be no point to them. Equally, they note that other European states have ID cards. However, they fail to mention two things. Firstly, these cards are not linked to a national database which stores the same kind of significant personal information Blair wants, nor are they biometric.

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