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  • Saturday, March 04, 2006

    "I saw the bullets entering my children's heads"

    Colcam reports on the Bush regime being afraid of people telling the truth of what is really happening in Iraq:

    "I saw the bullets enter my children's heads," she said. "My son was sitting right next to me when the bullet went through his forehead. One minute I was a mother, a wife with a family; the next minute my family was gone." The soldiers ordered Vivian to leave, and to leave her family's bullet-ridden bodies behind. "After a week of pleading with the Americans, they finally gave the bodies back to us. We took them to the church where we washed them, prayed for them, and then buried them."

    And yet, some would say that people should "support the troops" fully. I will neither support those who carry out these murderous acts, nor will I support any terrorists who carry out their despicable acts.

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