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  • Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Hussein's foreign minister was on CIA payroll

    The fact that a senior Iraqi regime figure was on the US payroll should prove to any sane and reasonable thinking person, beyond any doubt, that the US was directly linked to terrible crimes committed by Hussein's regime. Yahoo News reports:

    Sabri's tips were thought to be more accurate than the CIA's own guesses on Saddam's arsenal, NBC said.

    However, the foreign minister broke off his contacts weeks later after he repeatedly resisted CIA pressures to defect to the United States and publicly renounce Saddam, the sources told NBC.

    After the US invasion of March 2003, Sabri was not arrested or included in the notorious "deck of cards" of the US military's most wanted Iraqi suspects.

    Sabri, who now teaches journalism in Qatar, has turned down repeated requests for comments, NBC said.

    Saddam's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs were revealed to be non-existent after the war.

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