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  • Monday, March 06, 2006

    "Hello, are you any of the following people?"

    icBerkshire disturbingly reports that there appear to be rather a lot of ghost voters in Reading. Reading as the scene of vote rigging in 2004 elections, and it appears that the door has been left open there for vote fraud at the upcoming elections:

    Brandishing a copy of the electoral roll, she said: "You knock on the door, and you say 'Hello, are you any of the following people?'"

    And after explaining her presence to the often hungover residents, some still clinging to duvet covers, time and again they have never heard of those whose names appear on the roll.

    Even more common was where houses with five or six people sharing fail to even make an appearance on the electoral radar.

    Miss Benson said "I think when we started doing this we didn't realise the massive inaccuracies we would find.

    "We do regular voter surveys to get people's views, but there's not much point in them telling us anything if they can't vote.

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