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  • Monday, March 13, 2006

    Grassroots Labour opposes education bill

    Blair & Co are ignoring their own party, even, some may say, stabbing them in the back, again. Labour Party members, do you like being stabbed in the back repeatedly?

    But today's survey of 803 rank-and-file Labour members for the left-leaning thinktank Compass found substantial opposition to many of the Bill's key provisions.

    Just 25% of those questioned think that outside organisations, such as private companies or faith groups, should set up and run most new schools, as the Bill suggests. A tiny 5% agreed with Education Secretary Ruth Kelly's initial proposal - dropped in a concession to the rebels - that all new schools should be created in this way.

    Some 60% of Labour members polled said that Ms Kelly should give up her proposed veto on the establishment of new schools by local education authorities. And 64% said LEAs should have the responsibility for managing school expansion.

    An overwhelming 80% opposed plans to give trust boards a say over what is taught in schools.

    And 84% said they wanted to see a majority of the governing body made up of elected representatives, rather than representatives of the private company or faith group behind the trust.

    Labour Party members, your party is no longer your own, and hasn't been for some time, how much longer will you continue to prop up a rotting party, which you disagree with?

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