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  • Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Fox News executives funnel cash to Republicans

    It shouldn't really come as a surprise to most people that Fox News is not "fair and balanced", their "civil war in Iraq may be a good thing" attitude gives just one example of who their masters are, this report from the Raw Story:

    A review of declared donations indicates that, with few exceptions (such as Chernin's donations to Berman for Congress and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Greta Van Susteren's donation to her sister's campaign for Senate) higher-ups at the "fair and balanced" cable news outlet overwhelmingly give GOP. Two Fox Government Relations executives have also given to Santorum. Michael Regan and Paul Jackson have doled out $2,100 and $1,500 to the senator's re-election campaign, respectively. Regan has also donated $1,000 each to the Republican National Committee and Longhorn PAC.

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