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  • Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Egypt tortures people for America

    Following the hypocritical stance of the US attacking others for their poor human rights records, and flawed elections, it is perhaps worthwhile to remind people of how Egypt tortures people for the Americans, from today's Guardian:

    Egypt is an important regional power. It is critical to US and British policy in the region: officially the spreading of democracy. But a real democracy in Egypt may not deliver what people perceive to be US and British aims: to secure strategic and economic interests, push ferocious free-market "reforms" and promote Israel. So the US and Britain support the status quo and its apparatus, while offering patronising lip-service to democracy.

    And, readers may remember this post, from last August:

    He states, however, that when he was interrogated, government officials threatened he would be sent to Egypt or Saudi Arabia, where they told him he would be tortured and sodomized and his wife would be raped in front of him.

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