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  • Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    The Education bill vote today - Get your popcorn ready

    And fasten your seatbelts, it looks like this will be a bumpy ride for Blair & Co, the Guardian has this report:

    Sources in the government and rebel camps expect the prime minister will need to rely on opposition parties to push the bill - which establishes the right of state schools to become independent trusts - through its second reading today. A survey for BBC2's Newsnight found 38 Labour MPs prepared to vote against the government, with more undecided or prepared to abstain. Though Mr Blair has a working majority of just 69, the bill's passage is assured, because the Tories will vote with the government on the bill. But the Conservatives provoked a row with the government by signalling they would switch sides to join the rebels to vote against the "programme motion" which sets the timetable for the legislation in committee. If this rare alliance succeeds, it will force the government on to the defensive in the committee stage and stall the bill's progress. Tory MPs predicted last night it could be stalled until late summer at the earliest.

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