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  • Monday, March 20, 2006

    Call for Blair to go not only appropriate but long overdue

    I stumbled across this piece, from Murray Armstrong, over at the Comment is Free blog, asking "Was this morning's leader, calling on Tony Blair to stand down this summer, appropriate?"

    Murray says:

    Tony Blair still has a number of issues he wants to see through and 12 months would allow for some of them to be completed or at least progressed to a point that looked satisfactory to him. Education and NHS reforms, pensions, local government, skills, state funding of parties, the future of the House of Lords, are just some of the issues where Blair may have a different approach to Brown.

    I don't personally care what Blair thinks he has to do, and who told him to do it, the fact is that Blair & Co have already destroyed our NHS, they've made a start on education, and our rail network is in a sorry state also. He goes on:

    It might also be more sensible to do the difficult work under an incumbent prime minister and leave a relatively clear slate for a new one.

    A true New Labour propagandist at work. Not only was it appropriate to call for Blair to go, it is long overdue. Blair & Co have stabbed their traditional supporters in the back repeatedly, while the grassroots Labour movement has watched in silence, they have introduced a flawed system of postal voting leaving the door wide open for their supporters to commit vote fraud, they have violated international laws, and acted in collusion with the US in violating other international humanitarian laws. Blair should have been forced out long ago, the fact he wasn't speaks volumes about the rotten state of New Labour.

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