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  • Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Britain to seek release of British resident from Guantanamo

    Today's Guardian reports that Straw has finally agreed to make representations to the US over a British resident held captive at America's Guantanamo gulag:

    Mr Rawi told a US military tribunal in 2004 that MI5 urged him to remain friends with Abu Qatada so he could inform on him, according to American documents. His contacts with him were "expressly approved and encouraged by British intelligence", Mr Otty said yesterday.

    The high court also heard yesterday that Mr Banna was told by an MI5 officer that he should be able to travel "without a problem". It heard that MI5 believed Mr Rawi and Mr Banna were flying to Gambia to set up a peanut oil business there.

    The Foreign Office yesterday said only that Mr Rawi's "circumstances" were different from those of the other eight British residents in Guantánamo Bay. Government officials did not deny that Mr Straw's change of heart was to do with Mr Rawi's links with MI5.

    Straw's "change of heart" only seems to have come, because of pressure from the courts, as in other cases, Blair & Co don't do anything until they are forced to do so.

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