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  • Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    Blunkett gives us a lecture on democracy

    Oh, how ironic, I just came across this piece, from the scandal hit former home secretary, David Blunkett warning us all "let's not undermine democracy":

    Here's the paradox - this government has done more than any in history to open up political finances and make them transparent. Not only party donations, but the whole system of parliamentary interests, registering of incomes, and donations to political parties.

    Oh yes, Blair & Co did a great job of keeping all those loans a secret for some time, until someone spilled the beans didn't they. The Two faced hypocritcal **!££$"* goes on:

    But behind the bewilderment of the public, and the anger of party members, lies something critically important - the actual survival of party politics in this country. Some may cheer "who gives a damn"!

    Some may say the traditional 2 party system has not delivered true democracy in this country, and urgent steps are necessary to ensure that neither Labour or the Tories, who really aren't too different these days have a virtual monopoly on power. We need widespread reform, and i'd like to see many more independents and Greens in parliament.

    Perhaps "honourable men" will remember that on May 4 there are local elections and that there are those not seeking a peerage who are trooping the streets night after night in the endeavour to persuade people to vote Labour.

    Ah yes, the "troops on the streets". Why is it that we only ever hear from the "troops on the streets" when election time is almost upon us?

    And no-one should believe that a prime minister would be involved in the day-to-day funding of the party.

    Oh, yes, poor Blair, people keep on criticisng him for his crimes all the time, when he's just trying to do his job. I know, let's not keep criticisng the lying war criminal, who cares little for civil liberties, or, in fact real democracy in this country, that way democracy will not be undermined. Or at least, that's what the authoritarians in charge would like us to think.

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