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  • Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    Blairite sycophants

    Harry Hatchet has posted this, over at the Guardian's Comment is Free blog. It still amazes me that people regard Blair as somehow on the "left":

    Anti-war readers won't like to hear it but Blair was also absolutely correct to place the struggles in Iraq and Afghanistan in this context of a battle of ideas. Victory for those opposed to democracy and a relatively secular state in those countries would be a disaster for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and would encourage their ideological allies elsewhere. I've long argued the point Blair made today that regardless of one's views on the merits of invading Afghanistan and Iraq, the key issue is now to support those fighting for liberty in those countries and to do all we can to crush their enemies.

    Harry appears to have forgotten the new Afghan constitution, and the fact that the majority of Iraqis want occupation forces out of their country.

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