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  • Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Blair warned over Berlusconi freebies

    The Independent takes a look at freebies for Blair, from Italian PM, Berlusconi. Not more New Labour sleaze, surely?

    Tony and Cherie Blair are facing awkward questions from the Conservative benches after refusing to disclose details of several luxury gifts given to them by Italy's colourful Prime Minister.

    Before Christmas, Tory MP David Davies wrote to Number 10, following reports that Berlusconi had given Blair 18 watches, four necklaces, two bracelets, two sets of rings, a clock and a sports bag.

    Under official guidelines, the PM is only allowed to keep such items if he exercises a "right to buy" at a price determined by the Cabinet Office. In 2004, he "bought" two of the watches for £175 each.

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