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  • Saturday, March 25, 2006

    Blair must not be allowed to leave power voluntarily

    Blair Watch posts that Bloggerheads aren't happy, none of us should be happy at the current lot in power in Britain today:

    The men in grey suits must do their duty: Blair has to be persuaded to stand down. The announcement should take place this spring, with a leadership contest in the summer. (via)

    I disagree. For the good of the Labour Party, for the good of the country, and for the good of the whole bloody world, Tony Blair must not leave Downing St voluntarily... and if he does, he must be forced to resign in shame. (And before anybody makes any smart-arse remarks about intervention, I would remind them that this measure is far from pre-emptive.)

    Everybody needs to go and read this piece, over at Bloggerheads.

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