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  • Sunday, March 19, 2006

    And now, something completely different

    Thanks to an anonymous tipster, for pointing us in the direction of the "Real Jesus" website. You can apparently "Ask the Real Jesus" a question there, and Kim Michaels will post an answer.

    Speaking of the "real Jesus", he apparently goes by the name of Maitreya, and has a website you can visit by clicking here. "All can see him and hear him" apparently. "All" can see "Maitreya on the thrown" on this page.

    Doing a Google image search on "Maitreya" leads to lots of images of someone else who claims to be a "world teacher". And, finally, It seems there's another "Maitreya", from California, he claims to be "Buddha Maitreya" (a reincarnation of Buddha)but some visiting monks weren't taken in, and "Buddha Maitreya" (also known as Ronald Lloyd Spencer) got mad.

    Ah well, that very brief (thankfully) adventure gave me a smile, and a couple of laughs today.

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