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  • Friday, March 24, 2006

    4000 NHS jobs cut in the last 2 weeks

    In Blair's own constituency, 700 NHS jobs have been lost, according to this article, from today's Guardian. That's how this lot repay you for voting New Labour:

    Job losses announced over the past two weeks included 1,000 at North Staffordshire, 300 at the Royal Cornwall, 300 at New Cross hospital, Wolverhampton, 300 at Telford and Shrewsbury, 200 in Plymouth, 400 at NHS Direct, 180 at Peterborough. On Wednesday the Royal Free hospital in north-west London said 480 posts would go and St Mary's hospital, Sidcup, earmarked 190.

    Strategic health authorities submitted plans to the Department of Health on Wednesday for eliminating deficits in 2006-07. They are believed to include closing hospitals and shedding more staff.

    So, does that "24 hours to save the NHS" sound a bit hollow now Labour supporters?

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