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  • Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    1p on beer, 9p on cigarettes, £600 million for Olympic athletes

    The BBC has a useful round up, of some of the main points from Brown's 10th budget, among the highlights:

    Net debt was now 36.4% of national income - and would rise to 38%

    Mr Brown promised new help for working women, including doubling training for women with low skills and addressing pay discrimination

    Mr Brown said new incentives for piloting smart metering and a new labelling scheme for energy efficient goods to make homes greener

    The personal tax allowance would rise from £4,895 to £5,035

    The exemption on stamp duty would be raised £125,000 and the level at which inheritance tax begins to be paid would rise to from £275,000 to £325,000

    There would be £200m extra given to promote international peacekeeping

    Perhaps if Brown believes in peace, he should promise to withdraw British troops from Iraq, and Afghanistan. That would be worth a hell of a lot more than putting £200 million aside to "promote international peacekeeping".
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