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  • Sunday, March 05, 2006

    0800 788 887 - The Tax Avoidance Hotline

    According to Blair Watch, it seems following the developments recently in the Tessa Jowell sleaze case, Blair & Co have been rather silent on a campaign to cut down on tax avoiders.

    Blair Watch informs us that when ministers were questioned on whether or not they held any money in offshore accounts, only 2 ministers replied with a "no". Gordon Brown, and his deputy, Des Browne.

    So, readers, perhaps it's time to publicise the tax avoidance campaign rather more. As Blair Watch says:

    If you know anyone who is desperately trying to avoid their tax liabilities, through a complex network of offshore accounts, hedge funds and dodgy mortgage applications, then the hotline number to call is 0800 788 887

    You can find a full list of government ministers here to help you out. A reminder, ONLY Gordon Brown and Des Browne said that they did not have money in offshore accounts

    That number is open 7 days a week from 8am, to 8 PM. The number again - 0800 788 887

    UPDATE - You can also shop in a minister online by clicking here.

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