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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Young Iraqis to sue over beatings

    The Times today has this article:

    Two Iraqis are threatening to sue the British army over injuries they say they received in a beating captured on video during a 2004 demonstration.

    (The beatings were not carried out "during a 2004 demonstration", they happened afterwards)

    The Ministry of Defence said that Royal Military Police investigators were still trying to identify all personnel involved in the video, which was "its top priority". "We condemn all acts of abuse and brutality and have always treated any allegations of wrongdoing brought to our attention extremely seriously," the MoD said.

    (Considering a corporal appears to have been involved in this whole outrageous affair, how can the MoD claim that they take these sorts of incidents seriously? How do they know exactly how many scandalous acts like this have happened, when, clearly, senior officers are involved?)

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