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  • Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Who's in breach of the non proliferation treaty?

    A reminder of US breaches of the nuclear non proliferation treaty, courtesy of the Guardian:

    Declassified documents indicate that from 1994, Nato used 15 nuclear bombing ranges for pilot training in six European countries as well as Tunisia, most of which are believed to be still in use. The NRDC also discloses how many nuclear bombs the US would provide non-nuclear Nato allies with in the event of war. It found that as many as 180 would be dropped by Belgian, German, Italian, Dutch, and Turkish aircraft. The NRDC says this breaches international law because the nuclear non-proliferation treaty prohibits a nuclear state from transferring nuclear weapons to a non-weapon state, and prohibits a non-nuclear state from receiving such weapons.

    Now, who's going to refer the US to the UN?

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