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  • Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    US Army reviewing "friendly fire" death

    The Washington Post has this report:

    Spec. Jesse R. Buryj's death from a gunshot to the back led to a series of investigations by the United States and Poland. Soldiers from both countries were manning a traffic circle in Karbala in May 2004 when a suspicious dump truck crashed through barriers and ignored warnings to stop. A bullet hit Buryj, 21, as he fell from the turret of his Humvee after the truck -- which was carrying an unarmed driver and passenger -- collided with it during the nighttime incident. Investigations determined Buryj most likely was hit by friendly fire. U.S. officials said Polish troops probably were responsible for his death, while Polish officials vehemently denied that their troops could have shot him. Critical evidence that could have answered the question was not collected, according to investigative reports. Buryj's family, in Canton, Ohio, was told he died in a car accident. His parents did not learn the truth until nearly a year later, after they asked President Bush for help.
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