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  • Monday, February 13, 2006

    Richard Nolan Thomas, a victim of Bush regime's abuse of power

    Reposted from yesterday. This is an important story, and needs attention. To any fellow bloggers, and website owners, please post about this at your own sites, and please help to spread the world, Richard, and his family's lives have been ruined by the actions of those in positions of power in the US:

    I received a rather distressing email earlier today, which highlights the need for more accountability of the rogue regime in Washington. I'll attempt to summarise some points from this article, from Northwest Meridian: In June 2004, A man called Richard Thomas was taken at gunpoint from his home in the Honduras (based on a bogus warrant), basically kidnapped, without any real cause, or due process. Richard was flown to the US in the custody of US marshalls, and faced imprisonment, endured beatings, and a heart attack. In August 2001, Richard, and his father, Dick were hired to turn around a struggling sawmill. The sawmill was founded by Bill Saxon ( a good personal friend of Bush) and an investment group. Shortly after the 11th September 2001, the business situation became dire, so Richard and his father approached Saxon, and a member of the investment group in an attempt to buy the mill.

    Continued at this link. Read the original article here.

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