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  • Monday, February 13, 2006

    The real reason for warmongering against Iran

    Do you honestly believe that the Bush regime would allow Iran to open an oil exchange in Euros, which would flood the US with hundreds of billions of dollars and destroy the US economy? Because that's what some analysts believe will happen when Iran switches to trading in Euros. That, of course, is no reason to launch another invasion, against another country, based on lies and deceptions. Counter Currents takes a look:

    America’s currency monopoly is the perfect pyramid scheme. As long as nations are forced to buy oil in dollars, the United States can continue its profligate spending with impunity. (The dollar now accounts for 68% of global currency reserves up from 51% just a decade ago) The only threat to this strategy is the prospect of competition from an independent oil exchange, forcing the faltering dollar to go nose-to-nose with a more stable (debt-free) currency such as the euro. That would compel central banks to diversify their holdings, sending billions of dollars back to America and ensuring a devastating cycle of hyperinflation.

    So, next time you hear Iran, and the so called "threat", remember, it's all about money. Unfortunately, America has been able to capitalise for far too long on their monopoly of the oil trading system, the world has failed to do anything about that upto now.

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