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  • Friday, February 03, 2006

    The rabid right's hypocrisy on war and Muslims

    Very often in the past, i've struggled to put into words how I feel about the contradictory approach by the rabid right when it comes to so called "liberation" in Afghanistan and Iraq, as compared to the mocking and, very often, blatent hatred of Islam from that same direction. I came across this post from Harry's Place (and I don't tend to agree with many of their posts) today, which highlights the contradictions of the rabid right in this regard:

    Now how many of those with a "rub it in their faces" attitude toward the cartoons would be willing to stand face-to-face with a group of striking bus drivers in Tehran and tell them, in effect, "I support your cause, I wish you the best in your struggle against the regime, but I also think your deeply-held religious beliefs are a bunch of crap. And furthermore, I think cartoons featuring your most revered religious figure, which you may find deeply offensive, ought to be published as widely and as often as possible until you learn to stop complaining about it. But hey, solidarity forever."
    To the rabid right, your contradictions are obvious for everyone to see. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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