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  • Friday, February 10, 2006

    Peace, the word the right wing brownshirts don't want your children to hear

    The Raw Story takes a look at teachers in the US who've faced discriminatory actions against them for showing the other side to Bush's war:

    Mayer is one of at least three teachers in the country who have filed lawsuits against their employers since the beginning of the war, claiming their First Amendment rights were violated after they were fired for what they said was an opposition to the war. So far, one case has been settled out of court in favor of the teacher. In 2004, former New Mexico high school teacher Bill Nevins received a $205,000 settlement from the Rio Rancho School District. A year earlier, one of his students recited a poem over the school’s intercom system that questioned the war in Iraq. Nevins, a 10th-grade Humanities teacher, was also the coach of the Rio Rancho High School poetry team. His contract was terminated within months of the incident.

    Watch out American teachers, Bush's brownshirts are ready to get you fired if you dare question their prophet.

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