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  • Monday, February 20, 2006

    On the 4th May, give Labour a bloody nose

    Scroll down for latest updates: Europhobia reminds those who have forgotten that local elections will be taking place in Britain on the 4th May. This is the perfect opportunity for those who wish to do so, to give Blair's Labour party a bloody nose. Via the link at Europhobia, you can find out whether an election is being held in your area.

    UPDATE: Trailer - Local Elections May 2006 contains listings of all elections taking place, and their locations.

    The Tories are determined to gain control of Bexley, Croydon, Hammersmith & Fulham and outright control of Hillingdon and Havering.

    Camden may potentially fall into No Overall control, St. Helens is officially in "No overall control", but the Tory mayor is propping up Labour there.

    Solihull, Leeds, Bradford, Bury, Calderdale, Kirklees, Doncaster, Rochdale and North Tyneside could be interesting to watch also, as they are extremely marginal.

    The Green Party is part of a ruling coalition or otherwise holds a 'cabinet' position in Castle Morpeth, Kirklees, Lancaster, Leeds and Oxford. It may be worthwhile checking out if any further gains can be made in these areas, it may also be worth watching the Greens' performance in Norwich, and Brighton and Hove.

    The Lib Dems are involved in a 3 way fight in Brent, which could see Labour lose control there. They are also hoping to become the largest party in Lambeth, and are hoping to see their votes ensuring that Labour loses control of Haringey.

    Respect is hoping for gains from Labour in Birmingham, and Manchester.

    If you are in any of the target seats involved, and you want to give Blair a bloody nose, find the party which is most likely to defeat the Labour candidate.

    If there are other areas which you think should be included in the above, please leave a comment. If you suspect that Labour Party members, (such as those in Birmingham, Reading, Blackburn, and elsewhere in the past have done) are going to attempt to commit vote fraud then you should inform the police, and your local electoral registration office at your local authority.

    Wikipedia has this handy page.

    Respect Coalition's hopes in Tower Hamlets

    Party leaders put to the test with a capital campaign

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