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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Newcastle nurse faces 12 charges of misconduct

    Today's Independent informs us that a nurse from Newcastle on Tyne faces 12 charges of misconduct. Judging by some of the things this wacky woman has done, I don't think i'd like to have been treated by her if I ever had to go into hospital:

    The tribunal was told of two occasions when Ms Mitchelson made allegedly racist remarks. On 19 February 2004, she allegedly referred to a Chinese nurse as "chinky" and said she was "weird" for bringing Chinese tea to work, adding: "God knows what's in it." Later that day, Ms Mitchelson allegedly asked Ms Kaplanis, who is from the Philippines, why she did not have "the hands of a nig-nog" like the other Filipina nurses.
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